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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thoughts on the Occupy movement...

Tonight at dinner, the BSU tried to take the side of all the hippie, whiner, crybabies that have made so many headlines lately. She was in support of them expressing their civil disobedience by putting up tent cities anywhere they wanted on public ground since they had as much right to be in the public space as anyone else. She suggested that large gatherings had the right to disregard the laws governing use of public spaces to make their points be heard and to get their wrongs righted.

So I asked her if it would be ok for the organizer of the the major gun shows that come to this area to take over a local park to hold a huge gun show instead of them having to pay rental space at the expo center. She of course thought this was a terrible idea and suggested that there were gun laws in effect that would prohibit doing something like that. But I asked if wouldn't it be ok if the organizer and the participants thought that those rules were wrong and needed to be changed? Maybe as a protest to the rules, gun sellers and buyers gathered in a public space to transact business and act peaceably and responsibly while intentionally breaking the law.

She assured me this was an "apples and oranges" comparison So I asked if the Farmer's Market gang, thse folks that sell produce and jewelry and other similar stuff could take over a park and keep it open to their shops and wares for indefinite periods of time instead of the few hours a week that they presently are allowed to use the parks. Did they have to comply with the rules issued by the affected city or could they just skip the rules and stay open as long and as often as they chose? Could one of the local taco vendor carts put up a tent and live and stay in the park because he disagreed with the local ordinances that govern his business?

The BSU got rather testy with me and told me I was just talking to hear myself talk and she wouldn't continue with the conversation. I thought I was just using her examples of the Occupy Movement and applying it to a couple other scenarios for her to consider but apparently breaking the rules only applies to some people, not everyone.

I kinda think open air gun shows in a public park seem like a good idea. Maybe not this time of year but during warm weather it might work. And I bet I can guarantee you that if something like that ever occurred, that there wouldn't be trash and garbage and violence against anyone like these smelly, hippy freaks of the current Occupy movement.

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